About Us

Constellation is a Dubai-based theatrical events company. Established in 2014 by theatre director Liz Hadaway and patron of the arts Advet BhambhaniConstellation brings together a talented international team of actors, writers, directors and drama teachers who are passionate about developing the performing arts scene and local talent in Dubai.

The Team

Liz Hadaway

Artistic Director

Liz is an experienced theatre director and actress from London, who has worked for major performing arts organisations and events such as the UK NSDF (National Student Drama Festival), The National Theatre Connections UK and The Singapore Arts Festival.

She also has extensive experience as a workshop facilitator running directing and acting workshops in the UK, Portugal, Peru, Singapore and Hong Kong.

She has been lucky enough to have been trained by a number of internationally renowned theatre directors such as Max Stafford-Clark and Lee Breuer. As a director, she has directed for a number of fringe venues in London and also for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

As an actor Liz has performed in productions around the UK and was formerly part of Red Room Theatre Company. She has also appeared on TV, in short films, corporate films and advertisements. She toured Belgium and France as part of a TIE company and worked as a TIE actress in Hong Kong.

Liz has a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Drama, an MA in European Theatre and a PGCE in Teaching Drama. She is also a qualified LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Associate Teacher. Liz founded Inspire Productions Dubai in 2012 and became a Director of Constellation in 2014. Liz is the Festival Director of the Short+Sweet Dubai Theatre Festival now in its fourth successful year in Dubai.

Advet Bhambhani

Executive Director

As the Founder and Chairman of Advet Bhambhani Ventures, which includes investments and businesses in healthcare, hospitality, real estate and theatre, Advet Bhambhani is a man whose pioneering creativity seldom allows him to rest. Advet’s passion is to create sustainable businesses and under his stewardship, ABV has grown from being a US$ 8 million company in 2002 with 24 employees to a US$ 300 million company with 500+ employees in 2016. Advet has blazed a path of innovation in the UAE healthcare sector with leading concepts such as Lifeline Hospitals, Lifeline Medical Centres, Lifeline Express Clinics, DUA Clinics and 800 DOCTOR.

Besides his love for the boardroom, Advet enjoys speed and seeks thrills on the track, on the ocean, on horseback and on the green. When he is not working, Advet will be found sailing, scuba diving, playing horse polo or playing golf. Along with sports, he has a deep passion for theatre and has invested and participated in many shows, festivals and productions.A firm believer in equality, human rights and opportunity for all, Advet considers social responsibility to be paramount and being generous with his resources is profoundly engrained in his life ethos which is why 5% of the group’s net profits go towards projects undertaken by the Advet Bhambhani Foundation (ABF).The ABV Group includes five umbrella corporations; Lifeline Healthcare, Nucleus Hospitals, Constellation, Delish Hospitality and Conjure Realty with over 22 operating companies under these holding companies.

Workshop Leaders

Venetia Tiarks

Venetia Tiarks is an experienced British actress and is a 2006 Alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles.

With 11 years experience in screen, stage and voice over work, Venetia brings a vast amount of knowledge about the acting industry from LA, New Zealand, The UAE and London.
Some of her career theatre highlights include playing Stella Kowalski in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, Lady Macbeth in “Macbeth” and Rita in “Educating Rita”. Her most recent casting is as the lead Daisy Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby”.

Although she has worked on both screen and stage professionally, her love for the theatre is something that has always prevailed and has given her the desire to pass her experience on to others, which is what drew her to teaching. Venetia has taught for the past two years, and has worked with a range of students across all abilities. The skills Venetia has learnt from her time in the industry will give beginners or those continuing, invaluable tools and knowledge on the ins and outs of a plethora of acting techniques.


Acquisition International Excellence Awards 2016